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Westbrook signs on the dotted line, New Jersey’s newly proposed law, and Marco Polo

This is the ninth episode of the Stream Team Show, hosted by Saeed and Cherie Gatson.

In this episode:

  • Saeed and I butt heads on several topics, including Russell Westbrook’s decision to stay with the OKC Thunder,
  • New Jersey’s newly proposed law banning anything in your car but driving (yes, this includes handing your kid a goldfish in the backseat),
  • and Netflix’s Original series Marco Polo.


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Show Notes

    • 5 Mins [00:56] To celebrate Cherie’s 28th birthday, show hosts spent the day in an inflatable raft, doing their best to avoid “3-foot plunges” and “treacherous rapids.”
    • NBA Tip Off [19:08] Big news out of the NBA has the Stream Team feuding. OKC wonder boy, Russell Westbrook, re-signs with the Thunder and gets compared to Michael Jordan (by MJ himself) — all in the same week!
    • Say What? [27:42] A New Jersey law attempts to ban drinking coffee while driving and a limitless slew of other things.
    • Edumacated Guess [34:22] Cherie interprets the lyrical poetry of Lupe Fiasco…and fails miserably!
    • What We’re Streaming [41:30] The Stream Team talks everything they’ve been streaming. This week: Netflix original series Marco Polo and DJ Khaled’s “Major Key.”
    • The Latest in Streaming [56:54] You’ll no longer be able to watch free, ad-supported content on Hulu, but that’s OK, because you can just type in a different web address and still get access to Hulu’s content library.

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