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The biggest little city on earth, Back to the Future, and the Pokemon Go craze

This is the seventh episode of the Stream Team Show, hosted by Saeed and Cherie Gatson.

In this episode:

  • Reno, NV gets a visit from the Stream Team,
  • Saeed comes to terms with the disappointment he feels toward the Pokemon Go “news” announced at Comic-Con,
  • and we relive the greatness of the Back to the Future trilogy.


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Question of the week: Would you visit Reno, NV?

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Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes

    • 5 Mins [00:50] Hello from Reno, NV! The Stream Team talks about their vacation to the poor man’s Las Vegas.
    • Say What? [12:36] Show hosts keep this week’s current events lightweight, commentating on news from San Diego Comic-Con. In other news, steer clear of this app that’s not worth the download.
    • What We’re Streaming [33:28] It’s movie week on the Stream Team Show. The Back to the Future trilogy, Expelled from Paradise, and Netflix’s The Fundamentals of caring make this week’s streaming list.
    • Up & Coming [45:58] Your favorite horseman, Bojack, returns for season 3 — now available on Netflix.

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