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Golden Globes 2017, Mom-the-builder, and Netflix Original Storybots

This is the 32nd episode of the Stream Team Show, hosted by Saeed and Cherie Gatson.

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    Question of the week? What’s the most helpful information you got from watching YouTube videos?

    Say What?

    Golden Globe Winners in Streaming

    We recap some of the streaming titles that earned awards at the 2017 Golden Globes. Check out the full list of winners here.

    If you can’t pay to build it, build it yourself

    Cara Brookins couldn’t afford to pay for labor or construction crews, so with the sage wisdom of some resident Home Depot employees and a lot of YouTube videos, she and her kids learned how to build a house brick by brick. — Mashable

    The Latest Trend on Airplanes

    On Friday, reddit user “Fe_Mike” posted a photo of a gift bag and a little note “written” by a three-month old with the comment, “Lady on the airplane just handed this to all of the rows around us. She now has an entire team of passengers ready to help.”
    If this sounds familiar, it’s because these little handouts — usually filled with some candy and a set of ear plugs — have become a full-on viral trend. — Mashable

    What We’re Streaming

    Ask the Storybots & Storybots Super Songs

    Created By: Gregg Spiridellis and Evan Spiridellis

    Starring:  Judy Greer, Erin Fitzgerald, Fred Tatasciore, Jeff Gill, Gregg Spiridellis, Evan Spiridellis

    The show, follows the StoryBots Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo are curious little creatures who live in the world beneath our screens and go on fun adventures to help answer kids’ questions.

    The Latest in Streaming

    Hulu-CBS Deal

    Hulu’s new live-streaming service will include content from CBS network and cable channels. The arrangement will also include carriage of CBS Sports Network and Pop. CW and CBS’s Smithsonian channel could be added in the future. Based on the terms of the deal CBS could receive $3 to $4, for every monthly subscriber to its live channels. Hulu Chief Executive Mike Hopkins said the service would cost under $40. — WSJ

    Anime on Amazon

    Amazon plans to launch an original, curated anime subscription service later this year. For $4.99 a month, in addition to an Amazon Prime subscription, “Anime Strike” users will get access to a library of 1,000 anime titles that will stream online the same day they air in Japan. Anime-specific streaming platform Crunchyroll already has over 750,000 subscribers, and a library of over 15,000 anime episodes. — Polygon

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