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No eggs necessary, 2 streams you shouldn’t waste your time on, and Spike Lee’s Netflix debut

This is the 15th episode of the Stream Team Show, hosted by Saeed and Cherie Gatson.

In this episode:

  • Scientists make new strides in the art of baby making,
  • Netflix drops the ball on two originals,
  • and Spike Lee makes his streaming debut.


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QUESTION OF THE DAY: If you made a documentary, what would it be about?

Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes

    • 5 Mins [00:58] The Stream Team inches closer to winning a kickball game.
    • Say What? [03:46] 200 years of science overturned, Jay Z uses his platform for good, and Obama cements his legacy under the sea (yes, I’m currently belting the Little Mermaid soundtrack).
    • What We’re Streaming [15:11] Show hosts talk everything they’ve been streaming. This week: Netflix Original’s ‘XOXO’ and ‘My Beautiful Broken Brain,’ and Academy award winning ‘The Big Short.’
    • The Latest in Streaming [30:15] Spike Lee is coming to Netflix, the EU battles licensing laws, and Netflix finally starts giving series’ the axe.

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